The Leaky Cauldron (Leadenhall Market)

The Leaky Cauldron is a dark, shabby pub and inn for wizards, located on the Muggle street of Charing Cross Road in London.

In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone the beautifully covered pathways of Leadenhall Market stood in for Diagon Alley in the first Harry Potter Film.

Hagrid and Harry walk through the market and then enter the Leaky Cauldron Pub.

The blue door that’s used (down Bull’s Head Passage) is still there and is easily spotted among the reds and greens of the rest of the Market which means it’s easy for you to find the entrance to the Leaky Cauldron yourself.

After this first film, the entrance to The Leaky Cauldron was filmed in Borough Market. A small flower shop was used and features in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.

The shop – Chez Michele – underneath a railway arch on the edge of Borough Market serves as the entrance to the magical pub.

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